Higher States of Emotion

I had the chance to watch the Higher States of Emotion episode of Dr. Theresa Bullard’s Gaia TV series Mystery Teachings with Theresa Bullard.

This episode focuses on increasing energy and vibration by stimulating the limbic system with music. As the auditory nerve is directly connected to the limbic system, music has a direct effect on the brain and “rewires and heals the brain.” She suggests music that is both rhythmic and calming, featuring no lyrics, as lyrics stimulate the language centers of the brain and distract the listener. The music should fade into the background to the point where you don’t really notice it. In this episode, she recommends my album Solfeggio Suite, as well as our joint project, the Creative Alchemy guided meditation ($12.99) and the Creative Alchemy Instrumental Mix (Included with Creative Alchemy or available alone for a donation.)

I also recommend my other solfeggio recordings, available on Amazon, Apple Music, Google Play, iTunes, Spotify and many more. For links, visit: Solfeggio Suite, Solfeggio Cycle, Deltadream, Hibernation, Aurora, and Creative Alchemy.

Interested in creating a more conscious and aware lifestyle? Watch Gaia TV’s Mystery Teachings with Theresa Bullard.