PortalPDX: Portland

It was the new year and I was meditating. A Pineapple Express was blowing through and the vibes were unfamiliar and uncomfortable, as though a portal was opening to a strange new world that I didn’t understand.

I released the track on January 1, 2020 (it’s on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, et al) and I immediately regretted it. Now that 2020 is past the halfway point, I think I understand this vibe a lot better.

What starts with a binaural (3D) recording of a late December 2019 Pineapple Express transforms into a piece centered on 963Hz carrier wave embedded with Delta/Theta binaural beats. For best results, use headphones.

PortalPDX (963Hz with Delta/Theta binaural beats)

PortalPDX (963Hz with Delta/Theta binaural beats)